August 31, 2013

First felt creation- Owl tutorial

Like I had promised, this is my first tutorial on how I created this cute owl. This is my first ever work with felt including stitches or paper patterns. If you want to learn how to do it, then keep reading:)
 Cut out a pattern, there are plenty of them on Internet, I just re- drew mine from a picture of a felt owl I have found on Google.

Secure all owl pattens to chosen felt fabric using sewing pins. Next using sewing chalk mark out the shapes and cut them out. Make sure to have 2 pairs of eyes, 2 body parts and 2 feet.

Stitch few feathers with regular stitch on owl's tummy. When done, using a blanket stitch, sew the tummy to the body of an owl except the bottom, we'll stitch it later.

Sew whites of both eyes to a chosen colour "8" shape with blanket stitch.

Sew "8" shape to the body with the same stitch and if you want you can add a bow or any other accessory before you stitch both body parts together.

Stitch both body parts together with blanket stitch, don't forget to leave some space to stuff your owl with cotton or any other filler you prefer and place cut out feet into place and sew up the rest of the body.

 Using a fabric glue, glue the beak and irises into place. For eyes, you can use buttons or already made felt circles.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I'm currently editing my second one. Can't wait to share it:)

Alona x


Elita said...

Sooo cute...Very well done...keep it up...nice job...=)

Elita said...

Алена, поздравляю тебя с первой работой. Молодец, вышло аккуратно и очень красиво. Желаю тебе дальнейших успехов. Хотелось бы передать тебе не большую наградку от меня, пожалуйста перейди по ссылке что бы ее получить.

Alona said...

Элита, большое спасибо за комментарий и за награду!! Очень приятно, особенно когда ты новечок в этом деле. Буду стараться))


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