August 30, 2013

Secret is out:)

You had probably noticed different name and description of my blog which I kept changing this past week or two and many might have already understood what I had started doing!
It`s Felt Crafting!
Approximately a month ago I came across a post which had described how to create a felt basket. It clicked right then that that`s what I like or would probably enjoy doing. So there it is, the secret is out. These past 3 days I had already created 2 things with one being completely finished just over 10 minutes ago. I took step by step pictures of each craft and will be posting 2 separate blog posts in the next couple of days if I have the energy as it`s new to me and I still haven`t figured out how I`m going to edit my 2 page step by step tutorials, but I hope it will become easier with time:) I hope you like my little secret and are waiting to see my creations! 

Alona x


Оля Васина said...

Удачи вам!

Alona said...

Оля. Большое спасибо. Буду стараться!!


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