April 21, 2013

My little hobby

I have an Owl Hobby! It was a coincidence! I was randomly browsing for a sleepy type of an owl for my Twitter status, when I came across a collection of painted owls by K. Chin artist (not promoting this person). I have made a little start up collection from different people or websites. It became my long term hobby, so now I'm collecting everything owl related. I'm still in search of owl decor in shops near by, and I have found few, which hopefully I will buy next week for our house. I plan to decorate our house with few owl bits- Owl door stops are a must, Dunnes (shop in our area) sold them few months ago, but I didn't think about it then, which I regret now.

Greenway Field trip

Night All!
This field trip was probably the worst one so far. Basically, Green way is located on the West side of the country. It's a 42 km cycling track/path where you hire a bike and cycle as much as you want. Of course, we didn't have a choice but to cycle straight ahead and never turn around, because of crazy bus driver was already at the finish line, waiting at Mulranny Hotel! I was half dead by the end of 3 HOUR cycle!
The views were beautiful when you neared the bay and the hotel, but before it, you only see sheep and empty fields. The wind was aweful- blew at your face the whole way, which made it difficult to cycle. All in all we had cycled only 18 or 20 km of it, which is still a lot, my body hadn't forgiven me that trip yet.
What can I say? If you do some sort of physical activity each day or at least on a regular basis, you would probably be ok, and even cycle to the very end of that track, but I pass! I haven't cycled since I was an early teenager, and I will not sit on a bike for another 10 years or so!
Here is a pic I took while on a mini break I did every now and then. Beautiful, isn't it? ( As you can see, it's near the bay)
Bye everyone and stay fit :)

Busy College Life

Good Sunday Night!

I always love to write during night time, that's when I can get my thoughts organised. I've been off the Blog for so long and so many things have happened. I won't go too far back with the events, and just focus on college. I'm almost at a finish line, guys! Right now, I have about 3 weeks left which are packed with a lot of work. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to the end of this semester so I can finally relax!
As for my Blog, I've decided to post few separate entries tonight, all unrelated to each other.
Stay tuned!


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