August 13, 2013

Dream pet

Hi everyone! I'm back again, I know I keep disappearing but up until now I had nothing major to tell you. First things first, I got a new dog! It was my childhood dream to become an owner of a dog some day and approximately 3 weeks ago I finally got one. She was already named and now thinking about it, Bella suits her so much! She is 1,5 years old and is an Australian Terrier. She is absolutely adorable, so playful!

And here is another surprise, you finally get to see me!
We were at the park few weeks ago, so I had to keep her beside me all the time as I already knew that she would jump absolutely on anyone passing by and would bark at every dog that is bigger than herself! So, that is my small change:) Hope you have a good night and stay tuned for more posts.

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