October 11, 2013

Love Birds Felt Tutorial

Hi everyone. I hope you liked my first tutorial, if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out here . This is my second tutorial I happened to create straight after an owl as I really liked doing it and went ahead and tried something a bit more complicated.
To create these love birds, again you can choose whichever colour felt or threads you like. You also need fabric glue, scissors, paper to cut out patterns,sewing pins. This craft requires a lot of different colour fabric, unless you want to keep it simple.

Draw and cut out 2 different size birds.  This part is optional, but I made 2 lovebirds, you can create as many as you like :)
Secure felt material to cut out paper shapes and accurately cut them out.

 Stitch some lines onto the tail and a wing of each bird before attaching both of them onto the body of a bird. 
 Use a regular stitch to attach the wing to the body of your felt parrot. Because we are stitching front to the back later, we need some space left for our traditional blanket stitch, therefore stitch the wing few mm from the edge of the body. Stitch the eye into place at this stage as well. 
 After you had stitched all little parts onto the front of the body, start stitching both sides together with blanket stitch. When you come to the bottom part of the body, put the tail in between (2-3 mm) two sides so that you can secure it.  
Do the same step with parrot's beak, although it's a bit more difficult because it's a smaller part. After that it complete, finish the rest of the body.
Using a fabric glue, glue the inner eye into place. And you are done.
If you want to go all the way with this tutorial, cut out flowers and leaves and stitch them to the branch (same principles apply- cut 2 identical shapes, stitch them together and fill it in with cotton balls or any other material you prefer). With regular stitch, attach the leaves to the branch first and then flowers. Be careful not to sew the birds or the flowers through both sides of the branch.
And this part is optional, but you can also stitch a ribbon in between the back of the birds and the front of the branch (unless the back of this decoration will be hung against the wall and no one will ever see it) and hang it up anywhere you want.

I hope you had enjoyed my second tutorial and sorry it took me so long to upload this post.



Elita said...

Love your tutorial, very well explained,and your love birds came out very cute and neat.Fantastic job, all the best to ya with future projects....

Alona said...

Thank you very much. The work is not perfection yet but we're getting there:)


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