November 22, 2011

Twenties and college!

Hi Folks!
I'm back to writing! Again, for those who follow my blog -sorry for no writing anything for so long, I have reasons not to put my nose here!!

 Few days back I've entered my 20's i.e. had a wonderful Birthday!! Everything seemed more emotional to me, maybe it's the age now ...ha ha... anyway, it was a perfect day, everything was just great!!!

Another and probably the main reason I haven't been here is because I'm in my final college year and I'd been piled up with loads of projects and whatnot. That's probably what most people hear from me when they ask how am I doing - It's all college! Exams are almost here, so you won't see me for another long and stressful month, but that's student life for you.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing good. Xmas is almost here, so that's is one of the things I'm looking forward to. What about you, guys?

Ally xxx

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